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Frequently Asked Questions

My partner has never hit me but calls me names; is this abuse?

In Mná Feasa we say, you don’t need a brusie to be abused. This is because most women we work with may never experience physical abuse. Mental, emotional and financial abuses are very hard for anyone outside of the relationship to see.

I don’t want to leave my partner, can I still use Mná Feasa services?

Our main concern is for the safety of you and your children, only you know what the right option for you is and we will support you with your decision.

What’s the difference between a safety order and a barring order?

A safety order :

Is an order of the court which prohibits the violent person from further violence or threats of violence. It does not oblige the person to leave the family home. If the person lives apart from you it prohibits them from watching or being near your home.

A barring order :

Is an order which requires the violent person to leave the family home. The order also prohibits the person from further violence or threats of violence, and from watching or being near your home.

To get a barring order or a safety order you must attend a District Court hearing. While you are waiting for the court to hear your application, the court can give you an immediate order called a protection order. The protection order has the same effect as a safety order. In exceptional circumstances the court can grant an interim barring order. This is an immediate order, requiring the violent person to leave the family home.

A safety order can last up to 5 years and a barring order up to 3 years. These orders can be renewed by applying for a further order before the previous one has expired.

My ex-partner and I just can’t seem to agree on access, what should I do?

Our support group offers a peer support which will help you clarify the situation.

My relationship is almost non-existent but my partner has never hit me. Do you think my children (4,10 and 15) are affected?

Children are very sensitive to their patent’s relationships; contact our Helpline to discuss this.

Do I have to pay?

The Helpline, Accompaniment, Support Groups and Individual Meetings are all free.