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Helpline 021-4211 757
Monday – Friday : 10am – 4pm

Women can call the helpline during these hours and can also use it to make individual appointments to meet in our Centre. We provide non-judgmental support, discuss options and provide information to women to help them decide what is best for them in their situation.

We can also arrange :

Individual appointments for women to meet with us and discuss their options in person.

To do this contact the Helpline on 021-4211 757

Support Group

The Support Group meets weekly on Thursdays from 11.30am – 1pm throughout the year. Two trained facilitators run the group. The support groups provide a safe and confidential environment for women.

Accompaniment Service

This service includes accompanying women to: Court, Garda Stations, Mediation and Solicitors. We also visit women who are in hospital because of domestic violence. When accompaniment is requested two volunteers will arrange to meet her on the day in plenty of time beforehand and remain with her for some time afterwards. The duration of court accompaniment work is very unpredictable; in our experience it is never less then three hours but can often take up to six to seven hours of volunteer’s time. The demand for this service remains constant over the year.

School Programme

Mná Feasa work with young people in Transition Year in secondary education to raise awareness of relationships, domestic violence and to help break the cycle of continued abuse. It is delivered to both male and female students. We are fortunate to be able to avail of the facilitation and group work skills of members of Cork Mens Actions Group who co-facilitate the sessions.

Please contact us for more details on : Helpline 021-4211 757