Types of Abuse

My partner has never hit me but calls me names; is this abuse?

In Mná Feasa we say “You don’t need a bruise to be abused” this is because most of the women we work with may never experience physical abuse.

Mental, emotional and financial abuses are very hard for anyone outside the relationship to see.line

Some Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship:

Does your partner . . . . . .

  • Act extremely jealous
  • Accuse you of cheating
  • Put you down
  • Make you feel bad about yourself
  • Make you feel like a child
  • Not take you seriously or things that matter to you seriously
  • Not listen to you
  • Frequently criticises your friends or family
  • Pressurises you for sex
  • Hurt, humiliate and embarrass you
  • Cheat on you
  • Tell you how to dress
  • Ever grabbed, pushed, hit or physically hurt you
  • Blame others for their behaviour
  • Destroy your possessions
  • Prevent your education or job success
  • Make all the decisions
  • Break promises
  • Control you or act very possessively
  • Withhold affection
  • Use alcohol or drugs as an excuse for bad behaviour